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Free Weight Loss Recipes

We are glad to offer a sampling of free weight loss recipes from our online weight loss cookbook! We are confident that they will provide you with delicious meals and contribute to a weight loss plan that will prove to be healthy and effective.
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About our Cookbook & Recipes

Much attention and care has gone into compiling the recipes in this cookbook. The tasty meals that follow are contributions from our clients and staff over the past 25 years, who are just as concerned about excellent flavor, along with balanced nutrition, as you are.
Proper and balanced nutrition, coupled with easy-to-follow cooking methods, makes this cookbook an excellent and fun tool that uses ingredients that are readily available from any kitchen. In your QWLC cookbook, you will find eating pleasures that include refreshing beverages, tasty snacks and dishes, and even some wonderful desserts for the whole family.
We want to thank all those special people, who over the years, took the time and effort to share their culinary skills with us. And now, you too will enjoy years of convenient and delicious recipes for a balanced nutritional lifestyle. Bon app├ętit!
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