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Quick Weight Loss Review

Registered Nurse loses 22 lbs*

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Kim Little, Before Weight LossKim Little, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Kim Little's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Thank goodness for Quick Weight Loss Center! I feel like myself again! Through the years I was always thin and took it for granted. If I gained 5 to 10 pounds I lost it. I always exercised and usually ate pretty much what I wanted. Years went by, then I went through a divorce and became a single mother. I started working more eventually stopped exercising and eating correctly. I ate out a lot and ate processed foods and before you knew it I was 29 pounds heavier. Where did it come from?

Now I'm 34 yrs old and said I have to do something, this is getting out of control! I started exercising and even got a trainer. I tried oral supplements from the vitamin stores and tried all my old diets nothing was helping! In fact I'd hit a plateau and gained it back. I'm a registered nurse and I knew that food has a lot to do with it and, those other diets that have frozen meals were not going to help keep the weight off permanently. I needed HELP!! I needed a place that would show me how to eat normal regular fresh foods that are going to be bought in a grocery store or how to eat when I go out. Let's face it this is everyday life.

The Quick Weight Loss team was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. It did not take much out of my time. I had confidence in the team and I now fit in my size 2 to 3 clothes*. I'm confident in myself. My self esteem has increased. I feel healthier, happier, in control, beautiful and sexy. This all happened with continued support, commitment, knowledge, regular exercise and eating the right foods - making the correct choice to a healthier life style. As I said before, I feel like myself again. I'm back! Thanks again to Quick Weight loss Center and all your staff!!!
Kim Little
Coral Springs, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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