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Nurse loses 27 lbs*

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Jan Macey, Before Weight LossJan Macey, After Weight Loss

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After Weight Loss

Jan Macey's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

When I walked into the QWLC in January 2007, I was sick of myself. I had been struggling with my weight for almost 10 years. I always wore jackets, cover-ups and tried to hide myself. I was embarrassed to be in family photos and horrified if the video camera came near.

After meeting with a QWLC staff member, 1 was excited because she was so confident that I could lose the weight. I was impressed that the program began with a nutrition class. I diligently followed the plan in hopes of great success. Several weeks went by and my hopes began to dwindle but I remained diligent. This is where my real journey began!

About six to eight weeks into the program, I had only achieved minimal results. I was disappointed and ready to give up completely. I thought I would just have to accept my size and weight and realize nothing, not even this was going to work for me. At one of my visits to the QWLC I broke down in tears. A staff member took me in a room, shut the door, looked me in the eye and said "Don't you dare go off this program". She said it with such conviction and determination, like she really cared. I believed her and it was a turning point for me. She began to encourage me and assure me that I would reach my goal and would not be alone. I kept going, listening to the staff, and following all their suggestions along the way. Then finally, the pounds started disappearing each week. I couldn't believe it! When I saw the end in sight, I had even more motivation to reach my goal. The staff celebrated with me at each pound lost and continued to encourage me. By the end of April, I had reached my goal. Now, I can tuck in my shirt; leave the jackets in the closet and no more cover-ups! I am joining back in the family photos and videos. I have more confidence in myself and my husband loves the transformation.

I could have never accomplished this without QWLC. The staff was so supportive and I am thankful they didn't let me give up. I learned how to eat properly to lose and now maintain my new weight. I feel healthy, energetic and look like I did back in college. I read this statement early on: It is about what you do eat, not what you don't eat. I truly understand that now! I was amazed yet thrilled that I could eat a wide variety of real foods and I was never hungry. The weight loss tools, accountability and staff support was the combination that I needed to succeed. It did take a while to get started but the end was very sweet! Thanks to all the staff that encouraged me, worked with me and celebrated with me. I truly feel like a new person!
Jan Macey
Coral Springs, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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