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Quick Weight Loss Review

Opera Singer loses 34 lbs*

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Robert Simpson, Before Weight LossRobert Simpson, After Weight Loss

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After Weight Loss

Robert Simpson's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

I have thought of myself as a "big guy" for most of my adult life. I always said, "One of these days I am going to drop those few extra pounds." I thought I looked good enough, not that fat. Just a little overweight. I did not see myself as fat I was just a little heavy.

I am an Opera Singer and when I asked a mentor of mine what his thoughts on the role of "Falstaff" were, he said, among other things, that "even you will need to wear a fat-suit." Falstaff is customarily the size of a small planet, just exactly what was this guy saying? Sadly, I heard what I wanted and thought "It's okay, I'm a big guy, I look good enough, I'm not that fat."

After getting a physical for a life insurance policy I was shocked to find that the only category I fit into was the "non smoker" file. The next morning, standing in front of the bathroom mirror with pills for my Cholesterol and Acid Reflux, I had to admit, those few pounds were no-longer few and my life was suffering. No illusions, no excuses, my health was more than at risk and my overall happiness was being diminished. This was serious, well beyond the issue of personal vanity. I had to accept that I was slowly killing myself. I will not qualify my life with terms such as "good enough" or "not that fat" any longer. We only get one shot at this thing called life and I am determined to make all of the one I have. Not just for myself but the others that depend on me. My daughter needs a more authentic parent as well as role model. My wife deserves a partner with a more positive future. I am blessed and need to make more of what I have.

I had heard about "Quick Weight Loss" and after several friends recommended the plan I decided to give it a try. The plan is easy to understand and to follow. The Counselors are wonderful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I have been able to lose weight comfortably and quickly as well as learn about proper nutrition. These elements have made my weight-loss absolutely awesome. I am feeling so energized and excited about the new course my life is traveling. I have lost 35 pounds in just 5 weeks* and feel the loss in weight both literally and figuratively. I can be an inspiration to my daughter and be more the man my wife deserves. Thank you QWLC!
Robert Simpson
St Cloud, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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