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Quick Weight Loss Review

Insurance Underwriter loses 43 lbs*

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Gina Dalpiaz, Before Weight LossGina Dalpiaz, After Weight Loss

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After Weight Loss

Gina Dalpiaz's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

I joined Quick Weight Loss Centers in February after I looked at pictures Christmas morning. I wanted to delete every picture. Then in January when I had to buy larger jeans, size 16 RELAXED FIT, then in February when those were too tight I called QWLC. When I stepped on the scale and realized I was 185 1bs (17 pounds more than the day I gave birth to my 11-year-old) I knew I HAD TO do something. I was unhealthy, obese, and if I kept gaining I was going to have health problems. I had tried everything (Weight-Watchers, Atkins, calorie counting) you name it, I tried it, nothing worked.

I was skeptical but QWLC offered GUARANTEED weight loss, so I figured I'd try it. 4 months into the program I'm so glad I did. I've lost 42 1bs & 20.5 inches across my body!* 9.5 inches in my waist alone!* I've never had results like this! This has been the easiest program I've ever followed. The hardest part is eating all the food (yes you read that correctly) I eat more now than I ever have. The supplements are delicious, I love being able to eat chocolate every day and still lose weight! Here's the best part - I've lost 42 pounds* and NO EXERCISE! The one-on-one counseling is the best, no group meetings! The counselors know all the tips & tricks and love to help! If you are having a bad moment, call the center. The counselors keep you on track!

We have a floor length mirror in the office where I work, I would go out of my way to avoid walking past the mirror. About 1-2 months into the program I walked past the mirror and caught myself checking out my own butt! My self-esteem is so much better! I feel like a totally different person now! I'm more energized, confident, I feel sexy. I no longer slouch, and I'm way more outgoing because I feel better about how I look. I know that I'm healthier than I was. I no longer wake up in the morning with backaches; I have more stamina to keep up with my 11-year-old.

I no longer cringe when someone aims a camera in my direction. I visited my parents in New York 2 weeks ago. It was the first they had seen me since Christmas. I had to wave at them before they realized it was me! They were so shocked and surprised! I was on vacation for over a week and I still lost 3 pounds*! This diet does not control your life, it gives you control of your life. You can eat out, even fast food and you WILL still lose weight! The best thing I ever did for myself, for my family and for my health was joining QWLC. Since my QWLC journey began with my jeans I'll end it with jeans-- my skinny jeans (the ones at the back of the closet - Juniors Size 11) are now too big!
Gina Dalpiaz
Greenacres, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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