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Quick Weight Loss Review

Office Assistant loses 43 lbs*

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Claire Waters, Before Weight LossClaire Waters, After Weight Loss

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Claire Waters' Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

I was diagnosed with Graves's disease in 1989. Eventually, after treatment I started gaining weight. I tried several different ways to keep the weight off without success. I felt like I was doing the yo-yo plan. Lose then gain, back and forth. In early March of this year (2008) I was the heaviest I've ever been - 183 pounds. My clothes didn't fit comfortably; I was uncomfortable sitting, standing or lying down. I had trouble walking any distance without becoming exhausted easily. My knees and hips hurt all the time. Everyone said I looked good even though I was heavy. I still had shape, but that didn't make me feel any better. The doctor I was seeing for my joint pain said that I would benefit from losing weight.

My husband found Quick Weight Loss Centers through advertisement on WIRK. He had seen Tiny's before and after pictures and thought we should try the plan. I was very skeptical, nothing had worked before. Having a thyroid disorder and having just recently had a hysterectomy, I didn't think I'd ever be able to lose the weight. We started the plan in mid March.

Fourteen weeks later, I'm 35 pounds lighter* and feel great. I recently saw my doctor who handles my thyroid problem. He informed me that I needed to increase my medication as my blood work showed that my thyroid had become more sluggish. He said I looked great, that he was surprised that I was able to lose the weight under the circumstances of the thyroid sluggishness. My blood pressure was excellent. He said keep up the good work, gave me a script to increase my medication and said "I'll see you in 6 months". I saw my cardiologist just last week and he said the same. Now that I've lost the weight (without much exercise at all), I'm planning on starting a work out regimen to tone up. I'm looking forward to summer and being able to wear a bikini without hanging out of it. I'm planning on staying with QWLC to maintain the weight loss.

QWLC has changed my life for the better and my husband too! He lost over 45 pounds*. We've discovered that we can enjoy the foods that we love, in moderation. QWLC teaches you how to eat. It's not a diet it's a new way of life.
Claire Waters
Fort Pierce, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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