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Executive Assistant loses 48 lbs*

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Gretchen Hernandez, Before Weight LossGretchen Hernandez, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Gretchen Hernandez's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Before I started the Quick Weight Loss Center program, I tried several diet programs and diet pills. Nothing worked for long, and whatever weight I did lose, I gained back - sometimes even more. I was eating too much of the wrong foods, so about a year before I started QWLC, I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle on my own. I started eating less by getting down to eating just one serving size of whatever food I was eating. It took me about 7 months to lose 18 pounds. The holidays came along and I gained back 8 pounds. I had slumped into a minor depression because I had been on a trip to visit my parents, and all they could comment on was how heavy I was. I returned from the trip depressed. My sisters and I decided to go back to visit my parents in March. I was a nervous wreck and miserable about the trip because I knew I would have a horrible time if I didn't do something drastic and lose some weight. Knowing how miserable I was, my husband made the appointment with QWLC and came with me for support.

Not only have I met my goal, but I've surpassed it, by eating real food from the grocery store. Since I'm a dessert lover, I was worried I would be missing out on my sweets, but they've thought of everything. The protein supplements are awesome! Like eating a candy bar, or eating "real" chocolate pudding, or chocolate shake. They're all wonderful! I have more energy; I love to workout, and walk my dogs. We even run sometimes, and I don't get out of breath or tired! The support by "the girls" at the Center is priceless. They get to know you, they listen to you, and they help you plan your day, if you need it. They help you come up with a game plan for your vacation or a night out. They help you make this a way of life and not just another diet.

Now when I look at overweight people, I want to tell them that they don't have settle for that lifestyle...they can be healthier, sexier, and happier, and they'll love the program. I never feel hungry. And it has worked! This is a lifestyle I will live for the rest of my life! Thank you QWLC for being there for me!

PS...Before I met my goal, I visited my parents - they didn't recognize me. I hadn't told them about my lifestyle change, so it was a surprise. My Dad said he would have driven right by me if I hadn't been standing next to my sister! Now that's rewarding!
Gretchen Hernandez
Lauderhill, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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