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Quick Weight Loss Review

Opera Singer loses 55 pounds* on the QWLC Home Program!

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Jonathan, Before Weight LossJonathan, After Weight Loss

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After Weight Loss

Jonathan's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Before I began the Quick Weight Loss Centers Home Program, I had tried basic exercise and calorie reduction diets. While I was going through the program, I was surprised that my cravings actually did subside and I wasn’t as tempted to “cheat” as I thought. I loved that the Quick Weight Loss Home Program was tailor-made to fit my lifestyle. There was no judgment, and there were alternatives to everything that I used to crave. Now that I have reached my goal, I feel like I can be the person I want to be without being self-conscious.

I am an Opera Singer and spend most of my time on the road. This means that I am often eating out and at strange hours. Amanda helped me custom tailor a program that fits my unusual lifestyle. If she made certain suggestions that I felt couldn’t be feasible with the lifestyle, she understood and was able to offer an effective alternative, thus ensuring my success.

Having someone to talk to about food choices has taken the guesswork out of grocery shopping and ordering at restaurants. I didn’t realized how uninformed I was. I thought I was making responsible choices, when actually I was just confused about what the responsible choice was.

Amanda was an outstanding cheerleader. She was always able to answer questions no matter how frequent or small. Her support, non-judgment, and knowledge was crucial in creating a program that would work for me and make my goals attainable. I set out to lose 35 pounds and she made it so easy that I actually lost 55 pounds in 19 weeks* and have been able to keep it off!
Home Program Client, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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