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Quick Weight Loss Review

Photographer loses 57 lbs and 10 dress sizes!*

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Amber Cucciniello, Before Weight LossAmber Cucciniello, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Amber Cucciniello's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Before I began the Quick Weight Loss Centers program, I had tried exercising daily and eating "better" on my own. I could easily lose ten pounds, and then I would get stuck, give up completely, and the weight would come back on, sometimes with a few extra pounds too! I was destroying my metabolism in a downward spiral. I felt defeated and embarrassed. I felt like my weight should be something I had control over. It was humbling to need to ask for professional help. At the time I signed up, I was still wearing maternity clothing and my youngest was 2.5 years old. I had recently gone shopping and had to buy size 14 pants, the one belt I owned did not fit me most days, my wedding rings hadn't fit my finger in years, and I realized I was heading quickly towards the plus sizes as XL tops did not always fit.

I told only my immediate family that I was starting the Quick Weight Loss program because I didn't think it would work, and didn't want anyone else being aware at another failed weight loss attempt. Most of my friends I didn't tell until I was almost done with the program, and by then they were begging me for my secret! While I was on the program, I was surprised at how quickly new eating habits were formed. Grocery shopping became so much easier and faster for me, which was something I had always struggled with. It is true what they say about the healthy food being around the perimeter of the store!

What I liked best about the Quick Weight Loss program were the counselors. They are the best, and why I knew I needed to do this program! I needed someone to hold me accountable to help me stay on track. Along the way, I realized that the counselors also gave me something else I hadn't even known I had needed: a support team. They believed in me from the moment I stepped through the door on that first day. They believed in me way more than I believed in myself, and they continued to cheer for every pound I lost along the way.

Now that I have reached my weight loss goal, I feel that this is a lifestyle change. It is a journey with no end, to being a healthy, happy, and fit me. A me that loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin.

Now people often ask me about my weight loss "secret." I sometimes have a hard time admitting I needed professional help, but I am learning to be proud of myself and share my success story in hopes of helping someone else. The program gave me all the tools I needed to succeed, but it was still me who was motivated and dedicated, ME who lost the weight, and it was ME who stopped making excuses and put in the effort to change! I would love to be an inspiration to other people, especially other moms who are struggling like I was. You have to throw away all your excuses to get the results! It is easy to use "being a mom" as an excuse, but instead of being an excuse for being unhealthy, it should be the very reason you want to BE healthy, to set an example for your children as their main role model.

I have learned so much about how to eat healthy and clean from the Quick Weight Loss Centers program. You cannot exercise out a bad diet, which is what I had tried to do in the past.

Now that I have lost the weight, I am much more confident, and I have a ton of energy. THANK YOU to the counselors at the Coral Springs Quick Weight Loss Center for all their high-fives and encouraging words, and a special thank you to my husband for supporting me through this journey and for thinking I was beautiful at every number on the scale. We are going to the Bahamas for our first vacation away from our kids since they were born and we can't wait! There are many activities I have always wanted to try like stand-up paddleboard and rock climbing. Before I was too self-conscious to try, but now I feel excited to get out there and do something I have dreamed of doing!
Amber Cucciniello
Coral Springs, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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