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Quick Weight Loss Review

Physician Recruiter loses 60 lbs*, wins beauty contest!

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Monica Speer, Before Weight LossMonica Speer, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Monica Speer's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Quick Weight Loss Center has changed my life in so many ways. There are some changes that can be seen, and others that aren't so apparent. The physical changes are obvious. I am smaller all over. Sixty pounds* and 38 inches* will do that to you.

Before I started Quick Weight Loss Center, I went to my husband's 20 year high school reunion. Shopping for that event was dreadful; I had to buy size 16! Fast forward to now, I wear a size 4*. This was a fun change in my life - it's easier, and a lot more fun to shop for clothes!

What has changed the most, though, are the things you can't see. Through this process, I have learned to love myself. I learned that it's not selfish, but healthy, to put myself first in my priorities. I am a much happier person. This program changed my life by teaching me to love me, and the body I have been given. We only get one chance at life, and now I live it that way. I have so much energy, and that makes it easier to care for my family.

With three young children, I worried that they would have to deal with being overweight. I have learned so much about nutrition, that I am able to pass on to my children. They might not know it yet, but they are learning skills they are going to need to be healthy for life. This program has helped me to change their lives too.

Everyone was able to see the changes that were occurring in my life. Five of my friends joined Quick Weight Loss Centers because of the transformation they saw in me. They, too, wanted what I was experiencing. I am happy that they made the decision to change their own lives.

All of these life changing traits have made me a much more confident person. I decided to participate in the Mrs. Florida US Continental Pageant on May 27, 2007. This is a pageant that celebrates the modern married woman. The judges were impressed with my story, and knew I was the right candidate to represent the state of Florida in the US Continental Pageant. I was crowned Mrs. Florida US Continental 2007. With this new responsibility, I will represent Florida, and encourage others to take their health into their own hands, and do something for themselves. As Mrs. Florida, I will have many opportunities to encourage and inspire men, women, and children of all ages with my story. It is my time to shine, and I'm ready!

Quick Weight Loss Center has changed my life by teaching me to love myself and respect my body. They helped me become a happier, healthier, sexier, and more confident person. They helped to transform me into best person I could possibly be, inside and out.

Update: After writing this testimonial, Monica Speer went on to win the 2009 Mrs. US Continental Beauty Pageant! In addition, her husband found a new career helping others and is now employed by Quick Weight Loss Centers.
Monica Speer
Lake Worth, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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