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Quick Weight Loss Review

Business Consultant loses 67 lbs*

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Lynn Simon, Before Weight LossLynn Simon, After Weight Loss

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After Weight Loss

Lynn Simon's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Yes, I've tried them all! Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, the Zone Diet and even medication prescribed by a physician. I would lose 20 pounds, get frustrated and put those 20 pounds plus back on. I would tell myself that every middle-aged woman has an array of sizes in her closet. We all need sizes 10-14. "One day I'll be back in those beautiful size 10 suits but how could the size 14 become so tight?" I would tell myself that I couldn't begin yet another diet this week because I have a wedding coming up and a dinner party the following weekend.

I was a 52 year old widow, living alone after a 30 year marriage. My grown children lived out-of-state and I threw myself into work so I didn't have time to think about such a loss. I had always fought "the battle of the bulge" but never quite like this. My life was spiraling out of control and eating was my greatest source of comfort.

To say that I was skeptical about obtaining results from Quick Weight Loss was an understatement. I've done it all... .nearly every diet invented. I had really lost the confidence that I could lose the weight and keep in off. I had just relocated from Chicago to Miami. I had never heard of Quick Weight Loss in the Midwest so I took a chance. It couldn't hurt to make a visit and see if this program was different from all of the others. Maybe, just maybe this program had something to offer that the others didn't. IT DID!

The counselor that I met with really listened to me and never gave me a magic "weight number" that I should strive for. She asked me what weight I would be comfortable at. She worked with me as an individual and kept reminding me that "It isn't what you don't eat; it's what you DO eat." The constant support of the counselors made a real difference. While they held me accountable for the consistent loss and following the program, they also assumed responsibility for customizing my plan and making certain that I came into the center several times each week and if I didn't, I could expect a phone call to check in on my success. They have developed a process of helping you live a lifestyle that will keep you thin and healthy forever!

Quick Weight Loss has no magic pills, no talk of surgery, no gimmicks, it's not a silly fad diet, it's real food with an individualized plan carefully customized. With all of the other programs I had been on, I had never learned that it was possible to "fire up" my metabolism with the right foods. I love to eat and I still get to eat! I am astounded by the results that I have accomplished. I remember viewing weight loss success stories with before and after photos and saying to myself, "No way, is this the same person." Now people say the very same thing about me!

I reached my initial goal of a 50 pound loss in less than 4 months* and being monitored on the maintenance phase of this amazing program, I have surpassed what I could have only imagined! From a "tight size 14" to a size 4* provides me with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I now have control over food; it no longer has control over me! I DID IT, I'VE DONE IT AND I'M LIVING PROOF THAT YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
Lynn Simon
Coconut Grove, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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