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Real Estate Appraiser loses 68 lbs*

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David Bogatz's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

In May of 2006, I was diagnosed with a very rare tumor that was causing my blood pressure to be very high as well as my pulse. My adrenal glands were pumping out over time. It was making me irritable, miserable and I was lashing out at my family because of all this. My daughter at the time was 4 years old. I wasn't able to play with her or coach her in soccer, etc. Needless to say my life was miserable. When I was diagnosed with this rare tumor, the doctors ran all kinds of tests and still could not locate this tumor. They actually said I was a walking time bomb and that I could leave this world at any time. Being that the doctors couldn't find anything at the time, they recommended that I go to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic. At that time, we scheduled a visit. I was afraid of the worst and worst of all leaving my daughter and wife to fend for themselves in this world. Yes I did make all preparations for them. This had to be the scariest time of my life.

When we arrived at the Mayo clinic, the doctor was very thorough and began his testing, only to rule out that it was not that rare tumor, what a relief to me. It was a Severe Obstructed Sleep Disorder. Yes I was relieved but still somewhat afraid. After taking the sleep studies the tests showed that I stopped breathing 150 times in one hour. Again, I could have died in my sleep. When speaking with the doctors they concluded that my weight was a major factor of this disease and if I didn't do something quickly, I would be a goner. Unfortunately my daughter heard that comment and went hysterical, thinking that her daddy wasn't going to be with her anymore. Right then and there I knew I had to do something but what was the question.

As soon as we returned home from the clinic, I started to research weight loss programs and came upon Quick Weight Loss Centers. I am sure you have heard this before BUT THE CENTER HAS CHANGED MY LIFE in more ways than one.

To much of my surprise, not only was the center pleasant to go to every day, they were all very encouraging. They guided me in every way possible and I actually felt that I was important to them. I was able to call them at any given moment for support or to ask a question. The center told me that I could lose 60 lbs in 20 weeks if I followed the program. Well, I followed the program to a tee and lost 60 lbs in 14 weeks*! Once I lost my weight I also took out a lifetime membership so that I knew if at any time, I gained some weight back they would be there for me.

Since my weight loss, my life is so much better. I feel good about myself and with that I am happy. People see it in my personality and can't get over the changes I made to my life. But most important is that my daughter and wife have a better life as well now because of QWLC. I can now coach her soccer team; we can walk the parks in Orlando. I do not fall asleep during the day anymore; I make it through the day. I can go into a pool and not be ashamed of myself.

David Bogatz
Wellington, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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