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Quick Weight Loss Review

Law Enforcement Officer loses 74 lbs*

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Michael Porath, Before Weight LossMichael Porath, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Michael Porath's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Before joining Quick Weight Loss Centers, I had tried Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers in the past and they did not work. In time on each program I had gained my weight back. I felt terrible, I had no energy, I had chronic back and knee pain, 1 looked awful and I had hit an all time low with my self esteem.

On October 11, 2006, I went to Quick Weight Loss Centers in Lake Worth wondering how this program would be different than the other weight loss centers. Once I walked in, I met the staff who were very professional and compassionate to my weight loss needs. They were very descriptive about the program and answered all of my questions. On that date I weighed 286.6 pounds at 6 foot tall.

While on the program, I was amazed at how easy it was to lose weight week after week, even through Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Years holidays, while still eating normal foods and going out to eat. After only two weeks I began to realize the weight loss transformation and the energy that I had. I was not tired after working all day and even more, I had much more energy to spend with my wife and 8 year old son.

Working as a police captain, I had a role to look and present myself in a professional manner to the public, new recruits, my co-workers and peers. I did not feel that I was representing my agency in a positive light, nor what the weight gain did for my self esteem. By following the Quick Weight Loss program that was outlined for my needs along with the protein supplements, pills and moderate exercise, I reached my goal weight of 215 pounds in only 5 months*. I was amazed at how the program worked for me and how my co-workers, family and friends were amazed at the difference in my appearance, energy level and self- esteem has gone through the roof.

I now find myself taking the time to explain to people that I work with or friends and family who see how much weight I loss in such a short time how the program works and the benefits that Quick Weight Loss Centers could do for them. My weight loss transformation has increased my awareness for eating healthy, not obsessing over food as I once did. I do not call the program that I am on a diet, but rather a change in my eating habits. I no longer have back or knee pains and I am sleeping through the night and waking up feeling rested.

I truly owe my new look on life and weight loss to the Lake Worth staff at Quick Weight loss Centers. These people have been there through my transformation and have supported me during the process. I will always owe a dept of gratitude to them. Thanks for all of your help Quick Weight Loss Centers.
Michael Porath
West Palm Beach, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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