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Consultant loses 79 lbs*

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Michael Maleh, Before Weight LossMichael Maleh, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Michael Maleh's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

Weighing 271 pounds made life so much more challenging. There were so many things throughout my daily life that were difficult to do and accomplish. My essay is just a simple look back at my life before my weight loss and beyond.

BEFORE Getting a simple "good night's rest" was hopeless. I found it getting harder and harder to stay on my feet for longer periods of time over 10-20 minutes. I couldn't tie my own shoe laces without putting my feet up never mind try to tie my daughter's laces. Crossing my legs was not just uncomfortable, but virtually impossible. Traveling as often as I did I almost wanted to cancel trips if I had to sit in a middle seat on an airplane. I was never able to sit comfortably on any airplane seat. How about regular armchairs or seats in a restaurant? NOT!! Carrying around this weight was not only an obstacle but an obstruction to normal daily life. Breathing, walking and even sitting in cars were all disappointments for me. I tried to shop for clothes, but I never found anything that fit me. When I did, it was a size 42 or XXL which both felt tight. Moving through crowds at public places or private parties was utterly embarrassing. I felt the worst for my wife and children. They suffered from this obesity more than I did. I couldn't even run after my two daughters when they wanted to play. Every time they asked me to jump on the trampoline with them, I was afraid I would break it. Sliding down a slide at a park? Also a big NOT!! As for my wife, she met me overweight and I am sure she loved me either way, but anyone who has any excess weight would know that EVERYTHING is harder when overweight.

AFTER After visiting the Quick Weight Loss Center, I decided I would have the full support of a staff that wanted this weight loss as much as I did. At 195 pounds, I am now 75 pounds* lighter than I was 20 weeks ago! I am more physical. I can now play with my children. It's been 15 years since I have jumped on a trampoline. I have forgotten how much fun it was. I've gone from a blood pressure of 150's over high 90's to 120's over 70's*. I can now live longer to enjoy my daughters. I learned not only how to be lighter in weight, but healthier in my lifestyle. As for my clothes, I now love to shop! I am now in a size 34 jeans* and have been buying Medium shirts. When I think about the inches around my waist, chest, arms and neck that I've lost, it does so much justice that I sometimes forget about the inches in my legs, hands, chin and even my feet that have been lost! My shoes are even big on me! Life seems so much more rewarding. This past weekend I traveled with both of my daughters alone on an airplane and it was a breeze. I was able to sit comfortably and help them with all their activities. Crossing my legs is so cool! I love my new self and thanks to Quick Weight Loss Centers, I have changed my lifestyle. I feel as though all this time, I have been blinded by the obvious. Health and happiness is the most important aspect of my life. My marriage is better than ever before and walking hand-in-hand with my 5'1" 110 pound wife isn't an eye-sore.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!! I am so glad that I came to a place that really works! The results of my weight loss are so obvious to all who know me; I am always the subject of conversation. I just reached my goal weight this week and already have referred 3 clients to my local Quick Weight Loss Center. I am sure that there are many more to come. I love this life; I love my new self, and most of all. I love QWLC for showing me the right way of life- the ONLY WAY OF LIFE!
Michael Maleh
Davie, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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