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91 lbs in 32 weeks*

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Jason Styron, Before Weight LossJason Styron, After Weight Loss

Before Weight Loss

After Weight Loss

Jason Styron's Quick Weight Loss Testimonial:

I had tried pills and various extreme diets before coming to Quick Weight Loss Centers. I felt unhealthy, lazy, uninspired, heavy, and not confident. I was surprised that on the Quick Weight Loss program, I was able to stay on plan and eat as much as I did! I was able to eat, eat, eat! What I liked best about the Quick Weight Loss program was the continuous coaching and follow up. The support from the Quick Weight Loss counselors was great. I also did not have any negative side effects. I found that I was saving money on eating out and was cooking more at home. Now that I have reached my goal, I feel confident, healthier, and like I can sustain it. People tell me that I look incredible and ask how I did it. I tell them that they can lose the weight too, it is possible! It's a life change that anyone can do. I enjoyed this program all the way through. Special thanks to all the QWLC counselors who helped me, especially Liz, Emily, David, and Luz!
Jason Styron
Miami, Florida
Quick Weight Loss Client
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