Gratitude – on, weight – off. Thanksgiving your way!

Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s time for those joyful moments with your friends and family and sharing an amazing meal together – but it doesn’t mean you have to forget about your health goals. Fret not, with these simple, science-backed tips from QWLC, you’ll enjoy this holiday with your loved ones while sticking to your healthy habits.

1) Why not create a new tradition for yourself? Check out QWLC Two-Day Thanksgiving Feast – an optional, alternative meal plan you can follow on Thanksgiving and the day after. Changing up the routine can boost your metabolism, add more fun to your day, enhance your mood, and help you stay on track with your weight goals.

2) Eat breakfast or skip breakfast altogether. Some experts say eating breakfast can curb your appetite and stop you from overindulging in a holiday meal. A Q-Snack in the morning is a perfect treat for that. Or don’t have any breakfast at all, if you’re not feeling it – you can save up to 400 calories and have a bit more leeway at the holiday dinner. Our clients have the freedom of abundant choices!

3) Move around to keep your mind off of the food. Don’t tempt yourself by staying right in front of the feast, walk around the house and make it a point to strike up fun conversations. Go for a scenic walk outside before or after the meal – even better if you buddy up with someone who’s sharing your goals and schedule a fitness date the next morning. Finding a secluded spot in the house and taking the time to do some stretching, yoga, and meditation will help you stay calm, centered and listen to what your body really needs.

4) Dress to impress and feel proud of yourself! Take advantage of this moment and show off your renewed body in tighter fitting clothes in front of your loved ones. Telling them about how QWLC has transformed your life will keep you accountable and make you remember why you started. Plus, you’re less likely to overeat if you’re wearing a more snug outfit.

5) Supply a healthy side or appetizer. A veggie platter, a tossed salad or mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes will go a long way to help you stay on track. Bringing some sweet or salty Q-snacks is another sure-fire way to stick to your healthy choices while satisfying your cravings and enjoying this holiday.

6) It’s all about the mindset! Reframe the whole situation in your mind – “I’ve had so much delicious stuff at Thanksgiving, now my body craves a nice, nutritious salad”, versus “I’ve ruined my diet, now I have to punish and force myself to eat a salad”. Be mindful of every single bite and really savor it, don’t talk with your mouth full to avoid “inhaling” the food. This will also help you relish a smaller portion of each delicacy.

Chew slowly and wait at least 20 min after finishing your portion – this is how long it takes your brain to receive the signal of feeling “full”. Even if you happen to splurge, don’t let it become the “I blew it” binge all through January 1 – your QWLC coach will always get you back on track.

7) Make sure to drink water throughout the day and before the meal so you don’t overeat, and avoid drinking water and alcohol during the meal as much as possible. Try to wait at least 30-45 min after the last bite before drinking something – many experts claim this will save you from feeling heavy and bloated and boost your digestion.

8) Be realistic and understand it’s OK if you don’t lose weight during Thanksgiving, but at least, maintain what you had worked for. This is also an accomplishment to celebrate and be proud of!

9) Set your limit. Stay true to your goals by knowing when to stop eating completely. Reapplying your lip gloss, popping a strong breath mint, or brushing your teeth will let your mind know the meal is over and shift your focus elsewhere – your family and friends, and happy times together.

10) Dessert can also be a great way to ensure you stop eating once you are satisfied. Finish your meal with fruit, QWLC Pumpkin Pie, or a Q-Snack for a fulfilling last bite.

Check out this guilt-free pumpkin pie recipe, the QWLC two-day feast menu, and enjoy every single moment this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to derail your new, healthy lifestyle! Follow the Quick Weight Loss Centers Two-Day Thanksgiving Plan and feel great about enjoying the holiday feast-ivities with your family.

This Two-Day Feast is an optional plan that takes the place of your regular Quick Weight Loss program on Thanksgiving and the day after. Ask your Q-Crew if you have any questions about how to follow this plan!

Day 1: Thanksgiving

1 QWLC Protein Supplement

1 QWLC Protein Supplement

1 QWLC Protein Supplement
Large mixed green salad with
QWLC Salad Dressings

White meat turkey, no limit
Mixed green salad, no limit
QWLC Salad Dressings
Cooked green vegetable, ½ cup
Small baked sweet potato
1 t. light margarine (or Molly McButter)

Dessert (Optional)
Fruit Salad (1 cup) or
1/8 QWLC No-Crust Pumpkin Pie
(see recipe below)

Day 2: Friday

1 QWLC Protein Supplement
1 Fruit

1 QWLC Protein Supplement

1 QWLC Protein Supplement
Mixed green salad (no tomatoes)
6 oz. chicken or turkey breast

Large mixed green salad (no tomatoes)
QWLC Salad Dressings
4 oz. beef (men: 6 oz.)

Quick Weight Loss Centers’ No-Crust Pumpkin Pie*