Before and after pictures

Tips for Amazing Before & After Photos

Taking good before and after photos is harder than it looks. But, with a few tips, you’ll be taking photos like a pro and on your way to winning $1000!

What to avoid before your photo

You worked so hard for this. It’s a shame when people take poor “after” photos that don’t fully capture the weight loss that they have achieved.

Here are some things to avoid, things that work against a you. Avoid salt and carbonated diet drinks – salt leads to bloat and the carbonation in diet sodas makes your stomach look bigger. Even avoid water if you can just before the picture – water flattens you out so you lose any definition you have worked so hard to create.

Setting up your location

The most important thing to remember is that you are the star of your transformation. So, you want to avoid extra distractions in the picture. Doing so, allows the focus to be on the amazing YOU!

Use a neutral and clutter-free background.

Your photo should be a full-body shot (head to toe with no obstructions).

You want to have a plain wall behind you, with no pictures, etc. Your photo should not have text or anything else around you.

Your photo should be well lit. Don’t hide those results.

Your photo should be reasonably in focus. Yes, we have to say this. Your face, especially, should be in focus.

Setting up your pose

If possible, keep consistent poses for the BEFORE and AFTER shots to really show off your progress.

Stand at a 45 degree angle with your shoulders back, then twist your upper body to look at the camera (must see both eyes clearly).

Place one leg in front of the other, then shift your weight to the back leg and push your hip out a bit to show a curve.

Suck in your stomach (engage your core) then pull yourself up and back to look taller and leaner.

Now pull your head forward and down a bit for a sharper jawline. You want to poke your head forward – chin forward & down. Tilt your head a bit, sideways.

Angles make a big difference so move your arms away from your body. If you lift & separate your limbs from your body (arms, legs) you create angles that end up looking great.

Now, look relaxed and smile, but not with a crazy smile. Smile with your eyes — try squinting a bit. Even try faking a laugh, because it will turn into a real laugh and you will look great. (Fake smiles look bad, same with deer in headlights poses….)

[Here are 9 pro tips from Sorelle Amore, a photographer who inspires her followers to maximize the human experience and live a life of wonder.]

For your photographer – taking the shot

Camera angle: Straight on shoot lower, hip height. Direct light but avoid shadows.

Take a lot of photos to get the perfect one. Ideally, there would be a little “breathing room” around you. The shot should include above your head and be wider than your arms, etc. Don’t cover or cut off your head. We want to see your beautiful smile! Take a moment to frame yourself, then shoot a lot of photos.

[Some great posing tips from Blush with me-Parmita, a professional photographer based in Chicago.]

Now, take a moment to feel comfortable & confident. Work with what you have – it’s all you need, because you are amazing.

Own it!

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