Quick Weight Loss Centers has been serving the Florida and Texas markets for over 35 years. We have helped thousands of members not only take their weight off, but we teach them how to keep it off!!! Our programs offer our members full flexibility because we use regular grocery store foods that members prepare at home or even out at restaurants. This helps with the flexibility as many of our members have the on-the-go lifestyle. What separates Quick Weight Loss is that we provide individualized nutrional coaching on a one on one basis. This means our members get to talk to our expert coaches to help with teaching behavioral modifications, better eating habits and food choices and how to prepare meals in a healthier approach. Our ongoing supervision and support contribute to the effectiveness of our program.

  • Expert coaches available 1 on 1
  • Real Food no boxed meals
  • No Group Meetings
  • Easy to follow customized plans
  • Cutting Edge Supplements to increase metabolism
  • 35+ years serving the community
  • Highly doctor recommended
  • Safe and effective program
  • Long term, permanent results
  • Reduce medications and Improve health
  • Increase Energy, Stamina and confidence

How can MY company benefit from adding a weight loss wellness program?

Most Americans are currently dealing with or have had issues in the past with weight management. What we find in our business is that when people are struggling with weight, they also suffer from the symptoms that come along with it. We often see low energy, pain, discomfort, and lowered immune system. All of this can affect not only performance but also increase absenteeism in the work force.


To become a Quick Weight Loss employer partner, we make it easy. What we will do is give a brief presentation to your company. If you like what you hear, and you think it will benefit your employees we will come back to do a presentation for your employees and get them set up with a local center. Once on board your employees will receive corporate discounts and incentives.


Quick Weight Loss Centers has been serving the community for over 35 years. We individualize out plans to each person. We have so much faith in our plan that we give a written service guarantee. This means you will lose the weight in the time we quote you or we will continue additional services until your goal is met.


Once the weight is gone our goal is to have you keep your new weight for the rest of your life. Our program has a Post-Reduction Stabilization where we will teach you how to keep your weight off while enjoying your favorite foods. Once our experts stabilize your weight we move you into Maintenance.

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