7 Weight Loss Success Stories with Before and Afters and What They Thought About Quick Weight Loss Programs’ Cost.

Quick Weight Loss Classic and Quick Weight Loss Keto Programs are sensibly priced and can fit into anyone’s budget from a student to a retiree. The cost depends on the amount of time needed to reach your weight loss goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and try out the program, you can choose the 12-week plan and get started for less than $200. Quick Weight Loss Centers also offer cutting-edge supplements that will increase your weight loss results and metabolism. We also offer various other programs depending on your current weight, eating habits, and your weight loss goal. For more specific pricing, we advise you to come to the center.

When you come in for your free consultation you will meet one-to-one with one of our expert coaches; who will weigh you, take your BMI, measure your blood pressure and customize your Quick Weight Loss Classic or Quick Weight Loss KETO weight loss program individually, to match your lifestyle and your goals. If you want to learn about what to expect when you sign up for one of our programs you can read about it in our recent blog post; Quick Weight Loss Programs – What To Expect.    

 Quick Weight Loss Centers’ Classic and Keto Programs are the healthiest and most natural paths you can take towards weight loss and your health. We offer programs with permanent results that are going to serve you long term. And we are not just making this up. We have been helping people lose unwanted weight for over 35 years and have thousands of testimonials to vouch for it. Here is what other people say about the Quick Weight Loss Programs’ cost, and how this program changed their lives.    

Quick Weight Loss Sucess

Laura who lost 73 pounds says “Please, Please give Quick Weight Loss Centers a chance, it is honestly worth every penny. This program is priceless; considering the amount of food and the amount of time it took me to fulfill my goals on my own before.” 

Kim lost almost 100 pounds with our program! On April 23, 2019, Kim made the Quick Weight Loss Facebook timeline, and a recent blog post; “You Can Even Eat At Restaurants!” -Classic and Keto Programs. Kim says, “It’s all about your mindset and looking at this program as investing in yourself and your health!” 

Yuriana who made the Quick Weight Loss commercial in April 2019, lost 73 pounds! She originally started the program because of her high cholesterol levels, and the doctor recommended she lose weight. Yuriana says, “The cost of the program is very reasonable!” 

Daniel who lost 166 pounds, says – “There is truly hope for everyone willing to do it. It is the best investment you can make! Considering the number of potential years, it added to my life; this program is priceless.” Thanks to Quick Weight Loss Centers, Daniel is now pursuing his long-held dream of joining the Military. 

Kenisha G. lost 128 pounds with Quick Weight Loss Centers. She refers to the program as her bible and says that she will forever be grateful for the knowledge.  Kenisha goes on to say, “The cost of this program is reasonable when you consider that losing 130 pounds* is not something you can put a price tag on!” 

Previous Diabetic Instructor and a current Registered Nurse for the last 40 years, Anni S. lost 49 pounds with Quick Weight Loss. Anni says, “I had watched a co-worker lose weight with Quick Weight Loss the year before. The cost of the program is reasonable when you consider that it is a lot less than the co-pay on a heart attack!” She goes on, to talk about the insurance companies. And that they should reimburse people if they comply with this program and maintain that healthy weight. “It would be less expensive than the medical care to the obese, diabetics in particular” Anni S, -49 pounds with Quick Weight Loss.  

Quick Weight Loss Programs and Insurance.

We have some good news! When weight loss is medically necessary, many FSA/HSA/HRA providers (and some insurance providers) will reimburse for weight loss programs that include counseling.  Quick Weight Loss program qualifies as an eligible weight loss program.   

Quick Weight Loss Centers cannot determine whether you will qualify for reimbursement under your current plan. We do not accept FSA/HSA/HRA debit cards or submit paperwork to your insurance company. However, we can provide you with instructions for following up with your insurance company and physician, including a Letter of Medical Necessity for your doctor to fill out for you to submit to your insurance provider, along with your receipts, for possible reimbursement of your program fees (not including snacks or supplements).  

All our programs include a precise diet plan, and one-to-one unlimited in-person weight loss coaching and support. Accountability, commitment, and support are the major contributors to weight loss success; that is why our program works. Our coaches will teach you all the weight loss tips and tricks; how to lose weight and keep it off. If you want to put an end to your weight loss struggle once and for all Quick Weight Loss Centers is the right choice for you.   

Stephanie, who lost 70 pounds says This program has shown me how to make my lifestyle change concerning food and nutrition effectively. You can’t put a price on being healthy; the medical bills in the future will cost you more than this program.”  

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