Keto is the secret weapon for Celebrities!

Everyone wants to know the celebrity secret for weight loss. What’s new and trendy? These celebrities are obsessed with KETO because of their results.

keto weight loss


Melissa McCarthy
Halle Berry
Jessica Alba
Tim McGraw
Lindsey Vonn
Chris Pratt
Megan Fox
Gwyneth Paltrow
Zac Effron

The list goes on….

Anyone who wants keto weight loss is willing to struggle a bit at the beginning because the benefits are so strong.

• It works fast.keto diet weight loss
• The food tastes great.
• You have increased energy.
• You feel full without constant cravings.

The key to keto is getting your body to start producing ketones that it will use for fuel instead of glucose. The ketones signal your body to burn fat.

Only a few days on a KETO diet & you are in ketosis and enjoying weight loss!

It’s all about getting your body into a state where it’s producing and using ketones.

But, getting into (and staying in) ketosis can be hard!

keto weight loss

3 proven ways of getting into ketosis

Each of these proven methods is very hard if they don’t fit into your current lifestyle.

keto weight loss

You can produce ketones in your body (endogenously) naturally:
1- Stay strict with your macros – no cheating!
2- Fasting works – no eating!
3- Strenuous exercise – no resting!

Your lifestyle is unique. If these 3 techniques don’t fit with how you enjoy life, you will struggle.

WAIT! There’s a 4th proven way to get into ketosis and benefit from keto weight loss that is enjoyable

Ketones can also come from outside your body (exogenously) through supplements that contain BHB ketones.

Yes, you can supplement with exogenous ketones, ketone salts that you can consume. They provide your body with additional ketones to help it become more fat-adapted and enter ketosis more quickly.

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Quick Weight Loss Veloz drink mix contains ketones bound to salts (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium).

Our Quick Weight Loss Veloz is a BHB salt supplement version of ketones that your body can readily use as energy to help get you into ketosis.

This BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) is a naturally occurring molecule called a ketone body. Naturally, it’s one of the important molecules that fuels your body in the absence of glucose.

Ketone supplementation works by increasing blood ketone levels, Your body recognizes the ketones the same way it does when you are on the Keto program and in ketosis.

Elevating your ketone levels helps you transition into ketosis.

quick weight loss productsQuick Weight Loss Keto Veloz Lemonade & Veloz Chocolate helps you get into ketosis.
Say goodbye to popping in and out of ketosis and say hello to rapid weight loss, increased mental clarity and a feeling of being completely full and satisfied. Veloz will raise your ketone levels to a point of ketosis — always, every time.

This refreshing drink works fast because it is a Ketone activator and ketosis booster providing an immediate usable source of exogenous ketones, BHB, and natural caffeine. So fast, that we named it Veloz.

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Clinical studies – You don’t have to believe us; you can read the clinical studies below

It only takes a few days on the diet to get into ketosis and start your WEIGHT LOSS!
Ketones signal your body to burn fat.
Fasting works.
Strenuous exercise works.
Elevating ketones works.
• Ketone supplementation (BHB) works. (see article 1, see article 2)

Quick Weight Loss Center KETO Success Stories

keto weight lossMichele used Quick Weight Loss KETO & reached her goal weight faster than expected – Down 26 pounds, from 165 to 139, in only 9 weeks!
Audra lost 20!
Rosanna is already down 14!
Cindy melted away 22 pounds!

Keto at Quick Weight Loss Centers works because we do KETO differently: it is all one-on-one nutritional counseling with cutting edge supplements like Veloz.

Treat yourself – don’t cheat yourself
Where do you want to be in 2 days from now? If your goal is to be in ketosis, then Quick Weight Loss Veloz is perfect to get you into the Quick Weight Loss Zone!

Veloz LemonadeVeloz Chocolate

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