Losing 100 pounds with Quick Weight Loss Centers was the answer to Rhonda’s prayers.

“The only solution for you at this age and weight is gastric bypass surgery.”

That’s what the doctors started telling Rhonda Jerdon just a few months before she came to QWLC. She couldn’t believe her ears. She felt utter despair. Even the doctors weren’t sure they could help her anymore, no matter how much money she would pay.

Rhonda’s seemingly last straw of hope came with a 50/50 chance of survival.

“I just could not get comfortable with the 50% risk of death on the table.”

She just wasn’t ready to take that chance yet, even if she had been dying to lose that weight.

[In this video Rhonda tells her story.  The staff at the Pembroke Pines Center used the new “handheld” camera style to add authenticity…]

Before Rhonda came to Quick Weight Loss Centers, she had tried every single program that there is out there. Just like many people, she had struggled, for decades, to lose weight and keep it off. As you already know, nothing ever worked. Nothing stuck. Time and money – gone. Weight – still there, as ever. She felt defeated and desperate.

How was she supposed to lose 200 lbs of weight if she could barely move and every simple daily task took everything out of her? Whoever said anything about exercising hard to become slim has clearly no idea about the daily struggles of obese people. Just breathing while you’re sitting down is a challenge. It’s easy to post those videos of jogging, squats and crunches when you’re already skinny!

Rhonda felt completely misunderstood, judged, yet still invisible, and discouraged every day of her life. While other people could cover up their other issues and forget about them for a moment, Rhonda was face-to-face with her weight every single second, at home or outside. Wherever she went, those judgmental stares, whispers and smirks were following her and making her feel anxious and devastated.

But one day, when she lost count of her health issues, surgeries and mounting medical bills, Rhonda decided she would not waste any more time. Without discussing it with her friends and family, as they hadn’t been very supportive or understanding, she made her own choice to visit Quick Weight Loss Centers, in an effort to save her own life. Her life was now in her own hands.

Rhonda had heard many amazing reviews, but still had no idea just how life-changing, yet simple and easy to follow this program would be. Thirty-five years in the business made QWLC an industry powerhouse, and it was evident from day one. Finally, Rhonda had someone to confide in – her coach Mabel. Mabel, a true professional, was also a friend to Rhonda, always by her side and guiding Rhonda towards her goal.

Mabel showed Rhonda that she doesn’t have to starve, feel bored eating healthy or ask “What’s next?,” because every single step was clear, already laid out before her by the

coach – to follow and succeed – just as thousands of women like her did. Simple.

The program was unique and comprehensive because it was custom-made for Rhonda and her lifestyle. Rhonda had a sedentary office administrator job, hobbies of music and crafts and loved spending time with her grandchildren.

When Rhonda started following the program, she saw instant results. She was losing at least a couple of pounds each week and keeping them off. No gimmicks, no empty promises. Rhonda just saw steady, healthy weight loss, while also eating normal food she would pick up at the grocery store, herself. It was easy. It was real. It worked.

Rhonda felt liberated to know that she could eat the healthy foods of her choice. It was also liberating to feel comfortable at outings with friends and family. Rhonda enjoyed knowing that she could go out occasionally and splurge, because Mabel would always get her back on track.

[This is Mabel. If you choose the Pembroke Pines Quick Weight Loss Center, she will be the weight loss expert who will work 1-on-1 with you to ensure you succeed.]

The result? Rhonda lost over 100 pounds and over 10 inches off of her waist and hips – all in a matter of months!

She is so happy she didn’t listen to the negative people or to the doctors, who said she should prepare for diabetes, disability or a life-threatening surgery.

She feels so much more confident, optimistic, stronger and healthier. She is hopeful about the future again. She’s making plans for traveling, many outdoors and cultural events, and all the simple little things she could barely do before like going to the movies, tiny cafes or the beach.

Shopping for clothes and looking in the mirror became a pleasure, not torture. The world was now hers.

Rhonda wants you to know you should book your free consultation today and never look back!