Fastest weight loss programIf you need a plan that is fast, convenient and that works. 

A plan that doesn’t judge you for your goals

Just helps you get there

The plan that is perfect to you, is what’s perfect for you

A plan that fits your life

On your terms

There can be no debate, it has to be a customized plan.

You may have tried Noom, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, or any one of the other plans that are the same for everyone, but in the end work for no one.

The problem is that we all have a unique lifestyle so when something unique happens, with the generic plans, we are on our own with no solution.  Taking 1 step forward and then 2 steps back steals our momentum and kills our motivation to continue. We fall off track in a few weeks and that’s it – more time and money wasted.  So frustrating.  The cheapest weight loss programs become the most expensive because the money is wasted.

Do you feel the same thing?

[Music Intermission: We believe dancing is the best weight loss exercise, so here is some music to get you moving while you read the rest of this post. Imagine what it would look like if we gathered all the people (ok, all the young people) together who had just hit goal weight.]

Using a weight loss expert, your own coach, is the solution that has been hiding in plain sight

successful weight lossHalle Berry’s coach is Nat Bardonnet

Michelle Pfeiffer & Cindy Crawford’s coach is Kathy Kaehler

Rihanna’s coach is Ary Nunez

Katy Perry’s coach is Harley Pasternak

Gweneth Paltrow’s coach is Tracy Anderson

Cheyenne Akridge’s coach is Briar

You get the picture.


Cameron Diaz’s coach is Teddy Bass

How to get FREE nutrition & weight loss counseling

If you schedule a free consultation at Quick Weight Loss Centers, you will get 45-minutes with a weight loss expert who will show you the easy way to lose weight. Your expert sits with you alone. No group meeting, no confusing counting & calculations.

This dedicated weight loss expert is the key to staying on track. The secret to breaking the cycle of setbacks. So, forget about water retention, plateau’s, emotional eating and all the other issues and setbacks that have stolen your momentum and killed your motivation to continue.

Here’s what is included:

#1 Your Personal Evaluation

weight loss counselingIn a no-judgment zone; you don’t have to apologize for your vices or how your life is. The expert will first review your current health situation. They uncover your power – it’s important that we build on your strength & what makes you happy.

It’s the one-on-one, alone, consultation you need to figure out what will work for you. One coach sits down with you and helps you work it out. They figure out what you get to eat. They figure out the things that will work for you.

#2 Pinpoint the problem

nutrition counselingNext, they figure out what doesn’t work within your lifestyle. The things that can be a hassle for you and sometimes trip you up when you’re trying to lose weight. The things that get you off your goals and your plans.

So, you have your own expert to figure out what will work with your lifestyle and a team of coaches to work with you one on one to help you make it a reality, they help make it happen.

#3 Your Personal Plan

obesity counselingThis weight loss expert will explain in detail how we will ensure you are successful. They show you how much weight you will lose in the first week – it’s probably more than you expect. They show you the exact date you will be able to fit into those clothes you wish still fit. They will tell you the date you will be down 20 lbs. and the date you will hit your goal weight.


Here’s the best part

#4 The Guarantee

effective weight loss programsThey will guarantee it.

They can guarantee it because you have a team of coaches taking care of you every step of the way.  Day to day, week to week they anticipate what will happen and plan for outcomes.  This planning for surprises and problems helps avoid the setbacks to ensure steady success week after week.  On the other programs you are forced to react to what is happening, nobody likes surprises and setbacks.                                                             

You don’t need your coaches all the time, but they are there for you in all those key moments that count.  You know what is coming and what to focus on so you start building confidence with each successful week.  That’s why they are able to guarantee your weight loss.

So, when your consultation is over you will know your current situation, how to get out of it, and you will have your own team of coaches to take care of you and make sure you are successful.

Here’s the phone number, what are you waiting for?


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