Never waste a crisis. Easy to say now, but things looked pretty bleak at Universal Studios when Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey became a reality.

Ariel’s hobbies are theme parks and reading. More specifically, she loved reading Harry Potter.

To celebrate her birthday there could be no better combination than going to the theme park to enjoy the Harry Potter ride. This was going to be a great day.

The breaking point

woman weight loss

But that’s not how things played out. When she was denied entry to the ride due to her weight/size it was pretty bad. She felt desperate, depressed and fed up.

These moments in time, when something happens, we call the X factor. You have been thinking about weight loss and then something happens and you have to decide — Am I going to internalize this and feel bad about myself, or am I going to take this crisis and flip it upside down to turn it into a strength? You have to summon up all your strength, and instead of feeling bad about yourself, feel bad for the person who treated you this way. You take that moment, and you turn it into a life-changing step forward.

This video is here to break up the post and make it more entertaining. Sometimes music is more powerful than words to express feelings and this is here to represent that first step you take getting past the terrible feeling of being let down by someone or something that you really care about.

The song below represents the emotional transition – moving with confidence to the mindset you deserve.

One Woman, Too Many Weight Loss Programs

It was clear, she wasn’t going to let anything make her feel like this ever again. She knew what she wanted to do, but she had no idea how.

Weight loss programs for women Worst of all, she had already tried Atkins, Weight Watchers , even LA Weight Loss but none of them worked for her.

When you feel like this, you have to decide if you are going to surrender and crawl under a rock or are you going to take this crisis and turn it into something amazing. This is the time when you commit. This is the time when you take action. Ariel’s action was to look up the nearest weight loss center.

When the big national programs didn’t work, she went local.

“I looked up Weight Loss programs for Women Near Me”

weight loss programs for obese womenThe next day she went into the Stuart Quick Weight Loss Center to get started.

In her first consultation, Michael, her new coach, listened to her story. He sat with her, one-on-one, to learn all about what works for her and her lifestyle, and also what makes her happy. It was different this time because Michael created an individualized plan. He made weight loss enjoyable and was able to work around those land mines that blow up weight loss success.

Weight Loss programs for Women Near MeThis was a new approach for Ariel. Before going to Quick Weight Loss Centers, she would get a taste of success then something simple would happen, like going out with friends, and her weight loss results would evaporate. After a few of these setbacks, all motivation disappears. Michael showed her how to navigate around these setbacks, and it worked. Developing skills to avoid and/or to cope with these setbacks means that you will lose more weight and keep it off.

Four Phases of Ariel’s Weight Loss Program

Ariel achieved steady, accelerated weight loss as Michael kept her engaged, inspired and accountable through the 4 phases of her weight loss program.

Phase 1 Immediate Melt

The weight loss journey begins with a Preparation phase. Michael told her, “Expect to enjoy these days, because they are beginning of the journey to permanent weight loss – and you are going to lose weight faster than you expect.”

Phase 1 Immediate MeltThe purpose of this short prep phase is to assist your body in reaching the optimum chemical balance. So, when your dietary program begins, you will lose weight in the fastest, safest and most enjoyable way possible. Changing food composition intake signals the body to switch to burning storage fat as the body’s major source of energy. This immediate change to fat metabolism promotes quick weight loss, improves energy and minimizes hunger.

It’s always exciting to see an immediate weight loss result during this phase. We typically see weight loss between 3 and 6 pounds, but it can often be as high as ten pounds.

In the first week Ariel lost a lot, and then she was hooked. She knew immediately that this program was different from the rest.

Phase 2 Rapid Weight Loss

fat loss diet plan for femaleThe second phase is the steady weight loss period. This consists of personal supervision, nutritional guidance and specially formulated supplements all designed to help you get there faster. Everything you learn, like keeping a food journal, has been proven to help you lose more weight.

The next phase after this, is what really made Ariel’s weight loss program different from the rest.  Many programs create successful results, but when they end people gain the weight back because they didn’t make changes for stabilization and maintenance.  Ariel’s program helped her manage through this so she could keep the weight off.  As she reached her goal weight, Michael helped her re-introduce some of the foods she had been limiting so she could go back to her regular diet without gaining the weight back.

Phase 3 Stabilization

best weight loss program for womenThe third phase is Stabilization, and this is the most important part. Ariel was taught how to stabilize her weight and how to keep her new figure for the rest of her life. The stabilization period takes six weeks and you must come into the center daily. During this time, all the foods that were restricted start to get added back, but in moderation. We’re gradually going to increase caloric intake over the six week period to the point needed to maintain this new weight.

Just because you reach your goal weight doesn’t mean you are done. Increase your ability to keep the weight off by preparing a new meal plan that can help you stay slender and strong in this new phase of your life.

Ariel knows that she will likely have an occasional setback. But instead of giving up entirely after a setback, she can always call Michael to put her back on track.

Phase 4 Maintenance – learn how to keep it off!

Best weight loss programs for morbidly obese women

The fourth phase of the program is maintenance, which Ariel started after she completed stabilization. This is her insurance policy against having to fight a weight problem again. During this time, Ariel tried to visit the center once a week. If she ever gained 3-5 pounds over her stabilization weight, and it lasted for 2 weigh-ins, she would return to the center so Michael could monitor her weight loss regimen. He would find the problem and have Ariel back on the road to success within 1 week.

Here’s the great part: Ariel knew her mom also needed to lose weight, so she got her to join as well. Ariel lost 124 pounds, her mom lost 48…

Not just a female weight loss program

…and her dad was so impressed that he joined and he lost 50 pounds!

It really helps to lose weight when you make a public commitment and lose the weight with your family, friends and even co-workers. It works because when people lose weight together, they give each other support, encouragement and even accountability. They hold each other to a higher standard when they do it as a team and it works. Tell your friends and family and encourage them to join you.

Ariel is amazing – a real role model for anyone starting this journey

Lose weight diet plan femaleNow, when Ariel sees other overweight people, she wants to tell them …

“There is something out there that works!

If you have doubts, don’t.

Do the program & the weight will come off. Period.”

People are now asking Ariel what she did because she looks so healthy. She is making an impact on others because when they have a relatable and inspiring role model, they are more likely to be successful themselves.

Ariel has always been strong. In the beginning of her journey that strength and free spirit manifested as an attitude of “I can eat what I want, whenever I want”. Michael helped her channel that strength into eating healthy foods and becoming a role model for others.

If Ariel’s story inspired you to take action, use this link CLICK HERE and you will receive a special friends and family discount. If you want to lose weight with others, like she did, you can get 3 memberships for the price of 1.