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Kim did it and lost 99 pounds

Are you are thinking about joining one of our programs at Quick Weight Loss Centers, but you don’t like to cook at home? Maybe you’re a social butterfly or a businessman who finds themselves at a restaurant at least a couple times per week. Or maybe you’re the type who LOVES going out to eat, whether it’s with your friends or family. As you probably already know, things can get a little tricky when you go out to eat at a restaurant during your diet. In this case, it takes some savvy to enjoy your lunch or dinner out without sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. 

Happily, when you join our Quick Weight Loss Classic or Keto program, you will have your coaches guide you and adjust your diet to your lifestyle. You will be able to order off any menu and lose weight – without depriving yourself. Just follow your coaches’ suggestions and listen to what other people in the program say. Maysi A., a nurse who lost 36 pounds, said, “I was able to eat out at restaurants and had many choices of food items to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. Now, I am more motivated, my self-confidence is back, and I feel like a million bucks!”  

Here are a few order suggestions for when you go out to eat at a restaurant, while on the Quick Weight Loss Program: 

  • A protein and a vegetable or salad rather than a complete dinner; small steak with all fat removed or “dry broiled” (without added fat) fish and a small lettuce salad with a lemon slice or plain vinegar. 
  • Shrimp Louis with lemon slices: Eat only the shrimp and lettuce; use lemons instead of salad dressing. 
  • Two boiled or poached eggs; add some salad (use your own dressing) or fruits on the side. 

Some people like to carry a small bottle of apple cider vinegar in their purse to add to salads in restaurants.   





You could also review the menu before you go as Nicole B. did; she lost 63 pounds. Nicole says “I go online. Nearly all restaurants offer online menus. If the restaurant has healthy options, I know I can tweak them a little to make them work for me.” Kevin Y., who lost 103 pounds says, “I have a little appetizer before I go. It’s easier for me to avoid temptation.” Some people like to call the restaurant ahead, to find out if the restaurant is willing to be flexible. For example, you could ask if they can sauté your chicken in coconut oil, rather than frying it.  

If you were wondering, eating at restaurants when you’re in one of the Quick Weight Loss programs is very much possible. Look at Kim. She did it and lost almost 100 pounds! 

Before Kim started with Quick Weight Loss, she was known to be a “packaged foods eater.” She didn’t like to cook at home. The coaches were able to adapt her diet to her lifestyle. She ate out at restaurants all the time and still lost 99 pounds. That is why we want to share her story! 

Kim lost 99 lbs “From packaged foods to weight loss”

Read Kim’s Story

“I had tried Quick Weight Loss in 2011, and I knew this program would work for me because I had been successful before, but I gave up before meeting my goal. I felt defeated and sad!  Not this time! It’s all about your mindset and looking at this program as making an investment in yourself and your health!  It’s also learning how to make a lifestyle change and not just “go on a diet.”  The QWL program teaches you how to do that.

While I was going through the program, I was surprised that I was able to find a variety in what I chose to eat because I am somewhat a picky eater. Also, because I have a busy life, I don’t have much time or really even like cooking at home. Quick Weight Loss Program has many advantages: an extensive food list that even got this picky eater to try new and enjoy things, multiple weigh-ins per week which kept me accountable, coaches who motivated and encouraged me every step of the way, strategies to help me continue weight loss after plateaus, recipe ideas and dining out guides to add variety.

Now that I’ve reached my goal (even lost a little more) and have maintained it, I feel happier and healthier than ever! Others now tell me how AMAZING I look, that I am an INSPIRATION to them and that they are proud of my determination and persistence. My weight loss journey has inspired others to take their weight loss seriously and I look forward to celebrating their success with Quick Weight Loss Centers.”