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April 9, 2019 in Quick Weight Loss Journal

Program Guide, What To Expect


Are you thinking about starting one of our programs, and are not sure what it will be like; How much would your life change? Can you still attend the parties you had planned? Or will you be able to go to a restaurant? Or maybe you planned a vacation. You have questions, we get it. Well, we’ve got your answers here.

The first few days on the program are going to be the hardest. Rather than anything physical, the greatest difficulty will be in adjusting to any social and psychological annoyances that may arise first. However, the dramatic weight loss is what helps to keep you motivated to continue.

Depending on your condition, you may lose 5 to 12 Ibs. in the first two weeks. This is where you encounter the first major problem. Often those first two astonishing weeks set you up for a letdown if you should lose only 2 to 3 Ibs. in week three. And that’s when the support and guidance of your coaches are very necessary to keep going.

No results are typical, but the major weight loss may last only the first month or two, as it did for Jil and Raul, who lost 135lbs. Or you might lose weight each week consistently as Lucy has, who ended up losing 49 lbs! There are fewer and shorter plateaus on this program than others.

Female hormones can cause a woman to retain water, so women are more likely than men to level off. Water retention is no reason to cut down on the amount of fluid you should drink, water is a natural diuretic. However, it may be best to reduce the intake of diet soda, as it contains a trace of sodium which promotes water retention.

Losing weight, then, requires you either take in less food or burn more of what you are taking in. Or both. Quick Weight Loss Centers uses BOTH approaches in its system of weight loss and weight control.

The real critical stage in the program is when you are at 80% of your desired loss. Your expert coaches help by reminding you, at this point, that you committed yourself to go down all the way. Because of the metabolic changes that occur in an overweight person, you must go all the way. It’s great to lose 60 Ibs. but if you need to lose 100 Ibs., it’s not great enough. This last motivation is really important because it’s difficult to stabilize your weight when excess fat remains on the body.

Quick Weight Loss Expert Coaches support you every step of the way and make the difference to ensure you achieve success. The coaches are the key to your results!

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