Virtual Counseling

Maintenance Phase

Sustaining Healthy Habits for Long-Term Success

The maintenance phase is your insurance policy for lasting success. Regular check-ins and food journals help you stay on track. Modest weight gain can be corrected in 1-2 weeks with mindful choices. For 6+ pounds, consult your counselor.


The Real Secret

The final phase of our program is Maintenance. This serves as your insurance policy, ensuring you won’t have to battle weight problems again. By the time you reach this phase, you will have learned how to lead a healthier life through your interactions with a virtual counselor.

Research has demonstrated that if you can maintain your weight for at least one year and adapt to a new lifestyle of improved eating habits, the likelihood of encountering another weight problem diminishes significantly. It takes this long for the body to condition itself to these healthier eating habits.

You might feel prepared to distance yourself from your virtual counselor, but we’ve discovered that regularly checking in with your counselor during the first three months will yield significant benefits for you. Continue to update your food journals. In case you begin to gain weight again, your counselor can assist you in analyzing the reasons behind it.

The most common reason people miss maintenance visits is weight gain, even if it’s just between 3-5 pounds. Don’t worry. It should take no longer than 1-2 weeks to lose those few pounds.

Watch out for high-sodium foods, restaurant meals, sweets, alcohol, snack foods, fast foods, and make sure you’re drinking enough water. Get back to the basics of the program by returning to week two of stabilization.

If you are gaining more than 6 pounds, it may be advisable to consult with your counselor for stabilization.