Virtual Counseling

“Thanks to your products, I’ve reached my goal, when I thought it was unattainable.”

Daisy R.



It had been several years that I’d been overweight, and during that time, I tried several diets and programs. I would lose some weight, and soon after I would gain it back, plus more. Years went by, and the pounds kept piling on. I was trapped in a never-ending cycle; I would be eating healthy for a while, and then I would fall into periods of eating junk foods, treating food as an escape for my inadequacies and unhappiness. All this time, I was always tired, with no energy, depressed and unhappy, especially when I looked at myself in the mirror and went shopping for clothes. I felt powerless because even though I had tried many diets, I wasn’t able to keep the pounds off. It got to the point where even friends were suggesting that I try gastric bypass surgery, and I did consider it for a while, even though I was afraid of the consequences. Then my husband heard your advertising on the radio and he mentioned it to me. He told me that I should try it before looking into bypass. When I started with QWLC, I weighed 257 lbs, and I wanted to lose 107. At that point, I thought 107 lbs was an impossible goal. I was very surprised when after just a few months, I kept losing the pounds and they’ve stayed off!! Today I am a new person. Once again I feel happy, enthusiastic, full of energy, and positive about myself. Thank you!!