Virtual Counseling

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Rapid Weight Loss

This is where the real weight loss begins. By now, you should have been provided the plan best for you after working with your virtual counselor. You’ll have established your target weight goal.

You’ll work very closely with your counselor during this period: multiple virtual sessions, daily food tracking, following the food plans, etc.

Your counselor will help you be accountable to yourself. Losing the weight and reaching your goal is all that matters. They will help you be successful.

Here’s what you can expect if you follow the plan as its designed.

rapi weight loss

Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Weight Loss Guidelines

Weeks Weight Loss (lbs)
1-5 13-15
6 18-20
8 24-28
10 30-34
12 35-40
14 41-48
16 46-56
18 55-60
20 64-70
23 71-84
26 85-100

The secret code: The average weight loss for women per week is 3.3 lbs.

Estimating Weight Loss Weeks: Individuals with medical issues, teens, children, and vegetarians (Plan V protein choices) always lose more slowly. Therefore, always estimate weight loss weeks at two pounds per week before conducting a weight/cost analysis. (They will need approximately 50% more weeks to reach their desired result).

  • We estimate 3 pounds per week for healthy clients.
  • 2 pounds per week for special cases, such as: medical conditions, diabetes, gout, kidney disease, breastfeeding mothers, children, vegetarians, vegans, and clients consuming alcohol.
  • All Programs are determined by the degree of obesity, age, sex, activity level, and medical condition.
  • Men lose weight twice as fast as females do.

These revisions ensure that the guidelines are presented clearly and grammatically correct.

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