“I now have the energy that I had back in my 20's and the body to go with it.”

Lawrence C.



I would first like to thank the Quick Weight Loss Center staff at the Port St. Lucie branch. They played a vital role in my weight loss success. Coming to Quick Weight Loss has allowed me to now fulfill my dream of becoming a soldier in the US Army. Before I started this program I was 343 pounds and I am now a healthy 227 pounds*. This is where I should have been my whole life. With the knowledge I now have about weight loss, due to Quick Weight Loss, this is a reality. I now have the energy that I had back in my 20’s and the body to go with it. With this new body I am able to exercise as well as run 4-6 miles per day. On the Quick Weight Loss plan I had enough energy to do these things without being tired or hungry, in fact I found that my chocolate craving was satisfied with the protein bars (such as the double crisp and toffee bar). The Quick Weight Loss program has allowed me and my wife to live normal lives again. We are no longer considered obese. I am now able to purchase my clothing in normal stores and no longer have the embarrassment of shopping in the big and tall stores. This gives me back the confidence I lost years ago. It seems like nothing is out of reach anymore. I now have a positive outlook on my life and my future. I would like to end by saying THANK YOU and so does my whole family. I no longer have to worry about being around to walk my daughter down the aisle when that day comes (hopefully not too soon, she’s only 4). Again, thank you for helping me to get my life back.
"Now that we have reached our goals, we feel great and fabulous."

Pamela C.

"Now that I have reached my goal, I feel great and proud."

Deborah I.

"I was surprised that on the Quick Weight Loss program I wasn't hungry, and sometimes felt like it was too much food!"

Janine C.