Glen’s story has your answer.  He went against the grain and lost his weight during the holiday season and actually became one of their coaches.

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Glen started the Quick Weight Loss Center plan in early October.  He had been gradually packing on the pounds and said to himself he would take care of it in January, after the holidays.  The problem was, he was going home for the holidays this year and just could not face his family and friends the way he was.  He said he was nervous that all he would hear is “The Comments”!

He thought to himself….Wait a minute, why would I put myself in such an uncomfortable situation when I still had time to do something about it.  He started self-dieting.  He watched what he was eating and read labels but wasn’t losing.  He would lose a little and gain it back.  Making sacrifices but getting nowhere.

He started the Quick Weight Loss Center plan and that was it.  The weight started falling off like crazy.  He said he was averaging 4 pounds per week.  He was amazed seeing he tried it own his own and wasn’t seeing the results!

44 pounds later he was at his goal.  The holidays became compliments instead of bad comments.  What would the alternative have been if he waited?  Probably 10 pounds heavier after the holidays.  Instead…what an amazing feeling waking up on New Years Day AT YOUR GOAL!!!!

So it pays to break away from the norm.  Do what Glen Did…..Make a New Year’s Revolution instead of a resolution.  Be done on January 1st instead of starting!

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